Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (2024)

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (1)
Combat Simulation is a VR Device Challenge in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) where players can farm for EXP materials, W-Engine modifications, and Agent Skill upgrades! See how Combat Simulations work, the items you can acquire, and how to unlock it here!

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How to Unlock Combat Simulation

Unlock During Cat's Lost and Found

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (2)
The first three Combat Simulations, the Basic, Promotion, and W-Engine will be unlocked after completing Explosive Last Train during the Cat's Lost and Found Main Commission. This will come after unlocking Coff Cafe and heading to the HIA Club for the first time.

Unlock Skill Simulation After Completing Cat's Lost and Found

To unlock the Skill Simulation, you need to complete the main commission itself. Return once again to the HIA Club to check to see it unlocked.

Chapter 1 - Cat's Lost and Found Guide

Unlock Custom Simulation at Inter-Knot Level 30

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (3)

The last simulation, the Custom Simulation, will only be unlocked after reaching Inter-knot level 30. Play through the game and complete commissions to level up quickly!

How to Raise Your Inter-Knot Level and Reputation

Combat Simulation Modes

All Combat Simulations
Basic Materials Agent Promotion W-Engine Materials
Agent Skill Custom

Get Level Up Materials in Basic Mode

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (4)
The Basic Mode enemy lineup will pit you against foot soldiers that drop Investigator Logs used to level up characters and W-Engine Batteries to level up your W-Engines. Dennies can also be farmed in Basic Materials combat.

Basic Mode Simulation Rewards

Purpose Rewards
Agent EXP Official Investigator Log Trainee Investigator Log
W-Engine EXP W-Engine Power Supply W-Engine Battery
Currency Denny

Get Ascension Materials from Promotion Mode

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (10)

Agent Promotion Mode are used to progress a single character to the next level phase after reaching a level cap. This is required if you want to further level up your characters, making them stronger and unlocking additional skills.

Agent Promotion materials are aligned with a character's Specialty such as Attack, Stun, Support, Anomaly, and Defense. For example, characters like Lycaon whose Specialty is Stun will need materials of the same alignment.

List of All Characters

Promotion Mode Simulation Rewards

Type Rewards
Attack Advanced Offense Certification Seal Basic Offense Certification Seal
Stun Advanced Stun Certification Seal Basic Stun Certification Seal
Anomaly Advanced Anomaly Certification Seal Basic Anomaly Certification Seal
Support Advanced Support Certification Seal Basic Support Certification Seal
Defense Advanced Defense Certification Seal Basic Defense Certification Seal

Get W-Engine Materials from W-Engine Modification Mode

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (21)
W-Engine Modification simulations can provide Proxies with W-Engine Batteries used to level up W-Engines. Challenge this simulation should you be so lucky to acquire a character's signature W-Engine!

Like other materials, W-Engine Materials will also be aligned with your character's combat style or Specialty.

List of all W-Engines

W-Engine Mode Simulation Rewards

Type Rewards
Attack Reinforced Attack Component Attack Component
Stun Reinforced Stun Component Stun Component
Anomaly Reinforced Anomaly Component Anomaly Component
Support Reinforced Support Component Support Component
Defense Reinforced Defense Component Defense Component

Get Skill-Up Materials from Agent Skill Mode

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (32)
Agent Skill simulations provide Proxies with materials required for leveling up the skills of Agents, making them more effective units for either combat or support.

The materials you can get for Agent Skills are aligned with your characters' Attributes. If you need materials for a character whose Attribute is Ice, be sure to select enemies that drop Ice-aligned materials!

Attribute Anomaly Debuffs

Skill Mode Simulation Rewards

Type Rewards
Physical Advanced Physical Chip Basic Physical Chip
Burn Advanced Burn Chip Basic Burn Chip
Freeze Advanced Freeze Chip Basic Freeze Chip
Shock Advanced Shock Chip Basic Shock Chip
Ether Advanced Ether Chip Basic Ether Chip

Arrange Your Own Combat Simulation in Custom Mode

Proxies can customize their own simulations by selecting which enemies to fight. Since each enemy yields a different item, you can use Custom Combat Simulations to accommodate for what you need.

Should you need to level up both an Agent and their W-Engine at the same time, you can select enemies that provide Investigator Logs and W-Engine Batteries to add to the enemy lineup!

What is Combat Simulation?

Challenges to Level Up Characters or Weapons

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (43)

Combat Simulation VR Device Challenges are for acquiring materials needed to either level up your characters or improve your weapons known in-game as W-Engines.

The materials depend on which enemies you will face in each challenge. More often than not, each enemy drops a specific item exclusively, so be sure that you will face the enemies that will drop the items you actually need!

Challenges for Farming Materials

Combat Simulation has 5 modes that Proxies can engage in based on what they need. The first 4 modes have pre-assembled enemy lineups that only drop the materials specific to that mode.

The Custom mode allows you to manually select enemies depending on which materials you need. You can view which items an enemy drops by looking at the bottom of their panel during enemy selection.

Get Enemy Cards from Hollow Zero

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (44)
Like other VR Device Challenges, enemy cards in Combat Simulation can be unlocked once you encounter them in Hollow Zero.

Some of these enemies are unlocked by default after encountering them in either Side Missions or Main Commissions.

Hollow Zero Guide

Combat Simulations Cost Battery

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (45)
Battery Charges are needed for Combat Simulations. Each simulation has 5 enemy slots and each enemy requires 20 Battery Charges.

In the early game, a pre-assembled lineup of three enemies will cost 60 Battery Charges. Level up your Inter-Knot level to 30 to increase the enemy slots to 5, which will total to 100 Battery Charges.

Better Rewards at Higher Difficulties

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (46)

Engaging in Combat Simulations at higher difficulties will provide more challenging battles and put your Agents to the test, but will ultimately yield greater and rarer rewards!

Drinks at Coff Cafe Offer Combat Simulation Buffs

Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (47)
Ordering drinks at Coff Cafe can provide a multitude of buffs during Combat Simulations, ranging from increased DMG to increased drop rates! However, you may only order one drink per day.

Coff Cafe drinks also provide extra Battery Charges to spend in VR Device Challenges. Before engaging in Combat Simulations or any VR challenge, be sure to visit Coff Cafe and grab yourself a drink!

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Combat Simulation Guide and Rewards | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)|Game8 (2024)
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