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Life can be stressful, often resulting in us having to put our leisure, health, and mental well-being aside. But what if we told you that getting a spa-quality massage is now easier and more convenient than ever before?

Ready to achieve the perfect work/life balance with a soothing in-home massage in Boca Raton? Book yours today!

Boca Raton, FL Massage Services

Spa Theory’s Boca Raton-based massage therapists offer our customers from the area several different massage techniques to pick from, including:

Swedish Massage

Looking for the perfect massage that will help you take a step back from all the stressors in life? It doesn’t get better than our full-body Swedish massage. This in-home massage in Boca Raton involves the use of light to medium pressure and long strokes that will relax every inch of your body, from head to toe.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, a deep tissue massage focuses on key areas of your body that are causing you problems. Think chronic aches and pains, discomfort, and similar conditions that you can’t seem to shake off, no matter what you do. The massage can be quite unpleasant at first, but by the end of the session, the relief will be worth it.

Sleep Massage

Suffering from insomnia that’s affecting your sleep at night? Don’t give up on trying to fix the issue just yet. This luxury mobile massage in Boca Raton can bring the much needed comfort and relaxation that you need to fall and stay asleep. It’s gentle, soothing, and super relaxing.

Sports Massage

Love to keep active? While physical activity is crucial for our health, so is taking proper care of our bodies right after a workout. Spa Theory’s sports massage can be particularly beneficial if you’re the type of person that regularly engages in physical activity. It can help improve your circulation, make you more flexible, speed up recovery, and prevent injuries.

Prenatal Massage

During a pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for a woman to experience a range of pains, aches, and discomfort. However, just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a massage safely. At Spa Theory, we have several mobile massage therapists in Boca Raton that specialize in prenatal massages. So if you are or know someone who’s struggling with their pregnancy, a relaxing massage can go a long way.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages have been practiced for thousands of years due to how beneficial they are. Once you feel the heated oval stones on your body, the heat will start radiating through your skin and into your muscles almost right away. It will melt away any tension, improve your circulation, and clear your mind from any negative thoughts.

Couples Massage

Want to surprise your loved one? Our luxury in-home massage service for couples in Boca Raton allows you and your partner to indulge in your favorite massages, at the same time, without stepping a foot outside.

Back-to-Back Massage

Don’t feel like getting an in-home massage alone? Why not treat yourself and a friend or a family member to one too? Each of you can pick the massage you want, and the therapist will make you both feel at ease one after the other.

Pricing in Boca Raton, FL

Massage Type 60-Minute 90-Minute
Swedish Massage $129 $179
Deep-Tissue Massage $129 $179
Sports Massage $129 $179
Sleep Massage $129 $179
Hot-Stone Massage $150 $185
Prenatal Massage $150 $185
Couples Massage $259 $359

Found the massage that you want? Let’s get you booked in with one of our licensed therapists from Boca Raton!

How It Works

Booking and getting a spa-quality massage through Spa Theory is quick, easy, and convenient. Once you’ve decided on the type of massage you want to indulge in, pick a time, date, and a place where you want the massage to take place. It can be at home, in a hotel room, or at the office - the choice is yours for the making. Once your appointment is scheduled, you don’t need to do anything but wait for your in-home massage therapist in Boca Raton to turn up.

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Spa Theory Massage Therapists in Boca Raton, FL


Heidi has over 20 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner. She has also obtained her Physical Therapist Assistant license which, has added more of a sports and therapeutic approach to her massages. With an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, she takes pride in her ability to customize her massages to meet each client's specific needs.

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Zuhdieh uses intuitive healing through touch and listening. Whether you are an athlete who needs body work or an overly stressed CEO who needs to unwind the mind she is the one for you. She performs a variety of modalities from Swedish to Therapeutic to Shiatsu to the basics of assisted stretching. Each massage is tailored to your needs.

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Alexander is a licensed Massage Therapist with over 9 years of practice. As a Professional Natural bodybuilder in the recent past, he loves to work with athletes. He studied Yoga Science and Ayurveda in India, Thai Massage therapy at Was Pho School in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. His sessions are personalized to achieve the most astonishing results on body and mind.

Foot reflexology, Mobilization and deep stretching. He provides massage services for plus size patients on the massage mat if needed.

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Mobile Massage in Boca Raton, FL - Same Day Appointments  — Spa Theory (2024)
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